• Gerald Crane

    Director of Research and Analysis, Climate Change Branch, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

    Gerald Crane

    Gerald Crane is the Director of Government Relations, Research and Analysis with the Climate Change Branch of Municipal Affairs and Environment. Among other tasks, he has led project work related to provincial climate projections, the development of cost-benefit studies related to adaptation, including for Marystown and Bay Bulls, and the dissemination of information to stakeholders. He is currently leading work on the implementation of carbon pricing in the province. He has worked in the Provincial Government for 25 years and in a graduate of Memorial University.
  • Jonas Roberts

    Climate Consulting Group Lead, Wood Environment and Infrastructure Solutions

    Jonas Roberts

    Jonas Roberts leads work on, among other things, climate change modeling, extreme weather analysis and quantification, climate change vulnerability assessments, severe weather risk analysis and communication, GHG emissions reductions studies, environmental assessments, and flood forecasting. Recently, he has assisted a number of clients complete the federal Climate Lens.
  • Sean Smith

    Senior Policy Advisor, Infrastructure Canada

    Sean Smith

    Sean Smith has a decade of experience in regulatory and policy development, focused on the areas of energy, the environment and climate change. At Infrastructure Canada, he supports the Climate Lens mitigation assessments and leads work on developing additional tools and guidance to support Climate Lens assessments, as well as providing policy advice.